ERRMSG: The resource URL cannot be longer than 1024 characters


By Ryan Healey
InstantASP Support

NOTE: This has been resolved with InstantForum.NET 2010-5.

After installing the latest security update for ASP.NET you may receive the error below when attempting to view a forum within InstantForum.NET 2010-4 or below.

Error Message

Exception Type:        System.InvalidOperationException
Exception Message:     The resource URL cannot be longer than 1024 characters. If using a CompositeScriptReference, reduce the number of ScriptReferences it contains, or combine them into a single static file and set the Path property to the location of it.
Exception Source:      System.Web.Extensions
Exception Target Site: GetScriptResourceUrlImpl


This problem occurs due to the number of composite script includes within the ASP.NET page. To resolve this problem download the attached file below. Extract the Messages.aspx & ControlPanel.aspx file into your InstantForum.NET root directory. Overwrite the existing files with the new files enclosed within the ZIP. This should resolve the problem.

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Member Photo by Ryan Healey posted Wednesday, February 9, 2011
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Thanks Farhan. I'm pleased to hear this helped. This will of course be resolved out the box with the next InstantForum.NET update :)

Member Photo by farhan k posted Wednesday, January 19, 2011
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Had the same problem and the solution worked for me
Thanks Ryan.


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