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InstantForum 2010 to 2010-1

instantThis article details the steps necessary to update an existing InstantForum 2010 installation to the InstantForum 2010-1 release.

You can also find information in this article on the additions, updates & fixes included within 2010-1.

2010-1 Improvements

Added new plug-in framework

We'll be publishing plugs-in soon which will simply bolt on to InstantForm.NET to add extra features & functionality. We'll also be publishing documentation & sample code soon to help others develop plug-ins.

Significant improves to search performance

We've updated to way we perform role based security checks within the forum. This new way avoids the need to any additional WHERE statement within the query resulting in much quicker performance especially for larger communities.

New Photoship Images for buttons

You can find the master PhotoShop PSD files for the various button graphics used within InstantForum.NET as well as the true type font used for the text within the buttons. You can find the photoshop files at InstantForum2010\Images\ClassicSkinPSDs.zi. This will allow others to customize the buttons to other languages.
2010-1 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with forum subscription emails not being sent
  • Fixed issue with last login date not updating for OpenID accounts
  • Fixed issues when paging forum & topic subscriptions within profile pages
  • Fixed issue with reflection permissions problem in some medium trust hosting environments
  • Fixed issue with topic paging controls not updating correcting if you updated the records per page drop down
  • Fixed issue with XML encoding if your search term contained special XML entity characters (&, <, > etc)
  • Fixed issue with search not working for double byte character sets (Chinese, German etc)
  • Fixed issue some member photo image paths being incorrect if you updated from 4.1.4
  • Fixed issue with spaces being removed around commas if minify mark-up is enabled
  • Fixed issue with some UI strings being hardcoded within JavaScript files (not localization files)
  • Fixed several general typos within the forum

General Improvements

  • Updated the way our Resources.xml is parsed to reduce regular expression usage.
  • Updated our global string truncation method to offer improve performance
  • Added support for Right to Left layouts within the various JavaScript / JSON client-side rendered tables
  • Add total topic & user count to paging controls when viewing topics & member lists

How to upgrade from 2010 to 2010-1

1. Download InstantForum 2010

Download the 2010-1 update from your My.InstantASP area.

If your an existing InstantForum 2010 customer the 2010-1 download will be available automatically on your My Licenses page at http://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.aspx. Download the 2010-1 update and extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop. This will create a new folder on your desktop called InstantForum2010DEV or InstantForum2010EUL depending on your license.

2. Update your existing 2010-1 files

The quickest way to update is to simply copy the entire contents of the "InstantForum2010" folder (excluding web.config file - see changes below) again to your current InstantForum.NET installation. This will replace all existing 2010 files. If you choose to replace all files you may wish to skip the Skin\Classic\MasterPage.master file to preserve any changes to your existing master page.

Replacing only the updated files

If you've customized / modified a number of InstantForum.NET files you may wish to simply copy only the updated files into your installation. There are no new files with this update. You'll need to ensure you update the existing files with the latest versions from the 2010 download.

You can find a list below of all updated files within the 2010-1 release below.

3. Update your existing 2010 database

Execute the \InstantForum2010\DatabaseScripts\UpgradeScripts\2010_to_2010-1.sql against your existing InstantForum.NET 2010 database.

Updated InstantForum 2010 Files

The following files have been updated with the 2010-1 update. If you wish to only apply the updated files you should copy the files from the InstantForum.NET 2010-1 download listed below into your existing 2010 installation.

Updated Assemblies

The following assemblies will need updating. Copy the latest versions from your InstantForum2010\Bin folder.

  • InstantASP.Common.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Configuration.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.dll

Updated JavaScript Files

  • InstantForum2010\js\forum.js

Updated Localization Files

  • InstantForum2010\Globalization\en-US\Strings.js
  • InstantForum2010\Globalization\en-US\Resoruces.xml

That's It!

Once you've updated the files listed above and updated your database you should visit your existing InstantForum.NET installation. If everything was successful you should be able to continue using your forum as before. As always if you have any questions or run into any problems during the upgrade don't hesitate to leave your comments below, open a support ticket or contact us.