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InstantForum 4.1.4 to 2010

This article details the steps necessary o upgrade from InstantForum.NET 4.1.4 to the latest InstantForum.NET 2010.

If your eligable you can download the InstantForum.NET 2010 release from...


You'll need to click the "Download" link next to the InstantForum.NET 2010 listing to begin the download. Once you've downloaded the ZIP file for this example please extract the contents of the ZIP file to your computers desktop.

To learn more about the files & folders included within the download please click here.

Before you begin the database upgrade please ensure you create a backup your InstantForum.NET 4.1.4 database.

The database upgrade script may take a couple of minutes to complete depending on the amount of data you have within your existing database. If a power or network failure occurs whilst running the upgrade script against the database it may not be possible to restore your data. For this reason we would strongly suggest creating a backup of your database before attempting to run our upgrade script.

We would also suggest performing any upgrade locally or within a staging environment to familiarize yourself with the process. We would not suggest applying the upgrade directly into production without first testing the upgrade process locally.

The basic steps to upgrade are listed below...

1. Copy the InstantForum2010 folder to your c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ folder

2. Ensure the InstantForum2010 folder is marked as a web application within IIS

3. Make a backup of your existing InstantForum.NET 4.1.4 database

4. Connect to your database in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

5. Open c:\inetpub\wwwroot\InstantForum2010\DatabaseScripts\UpgradeScripts\.

Run the  upgrade scripts listed below against your 4.1.4.

You will need to run all scripts in the following order...

  • 4.1.4_to_2010.sql
  • 2010_to_2010-1.sql
  • 2010-1_to_2010-2.sql
  • 2010-2_to_2010-3.sql
  • 2010-3_to_2010-4.sql

The script is located at located at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\InstantForum42\DatabaseScripts\UpgradeScripts\414_to_2010.sql

6. Update the "web.config" file within the 2010 install directory to point to your upgraded database. The default connection string is shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_ConnectionString" value="server=localhost;trusted_connection=true;database=InstantForum2010"/>
You may need to update this to something like...

<add key="InstantASP_ConnectionString" value="server=YOURSQLSERVERIP; uid=YOURSQLUSERNAME; pwd=YOURSQLPASSWORD; database=InstantForum2010"/>
7. Reapply any customizations you may have to the updated 2010 Classic Skin.

Important Considerartion

MasterTemplate.ascx no longer exists.

If you've previously customized the MasterTemplate.ascx you will now need to use the Skins\[YOURSKINNAME]\MasterPage.Master file to wrap your existing web site design around InstantForum.NET.

InstantForum.NNET 2010 will no longer work under .NET 1.1.

If your still running InstantForum.NET under a .NET 1.1 application pool you'll need to update this for InstantForum.NET 2010 to use a .NET 2.0 or above application pool.

Copy Existing Avatars & Profile Pictures

Copy your existing "Uploads" folder from your existing 4.1.4 installation folder into the root of your InstantForum.NET 2010 folder.

This will ensure profile pictures, images embedded within posts & avatars are still displayed correctly.

If you don't copy the uploads folder profiles images & images embedded within posts may not appear.
Web.Config Changes

The web.config file has chagned quite substantially with 2010. For this reason we would suggest starting with the new InstantForum.NET 2010 web.config file.

That's It!

We hope you enjoy the 2010 update. Should you have any feedback please email me directly on ryan@instantasp.co.uk, leave a comment below or post your comments / questions within our community forums.